I Hate These Itchy, Gross Moles on My Body! Get Rid of Them!

Published: 09th June 2011
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It is a possibility that during your lifetime you might have some sort of pigmented spots which will turn up on your body. Some are level while some are lumps. They might be black, brown or pink.

Moles that Itch
Quite a lot of different things will cause these dark growths to itch. Jewelry or clothes might rub them and cause itching. Or it may be the result of sun exposure. Shaving may also lead to itching. Sometimes lotions, makeup, or other products you use on your skin may also cause itching. It might also dry skin that is causing the itch. Itching may be caused by nearly anything that makes contact with the brown lump.

Could it be Cancer?
A dark growth could be cancerous if it has pain, swells, leaks or alters in appearance, size or texture. A dermatologist must be seen if any of these signs appear.

Body moles are similar to the ones on your face, but they are found on different areas of the body. Usually, when you have pigmented spots that turn up on your body, they are completely harmless. Cancer can sometimes begin with one of these pigmented spots. Getting rid of them as soon as you can is encouraged.

There are three primary methods to eliminate a brown bump. You could have a dermatologist remove it, use an over-the-counter medication or cream, or use a home remedy. A few of the procedures your medical professional can use are:

Laser surgeries

When the spot is flat and tiny, laser surgery is very successful. This method can be quite expensive. Possible scarring is one side effect of this technique. To remove the lump fully, it can require several appointments.


Excising is a surgical technique in which the affected area is removed by cutting it out. The moment the tissue is removed the skin is stitched up.


Cauterizing is similar to the cutting but it involves the burning of the cells with the aid of unique devices. The dermatologist will manage bleeding. This technique has a large chance of scaring.


Freezing the tissue with liquid nitrogen is another treatment that may be used. The high expense of this technique is a draw back for many patients.

Over-the-Counter Medicines and Lotions
Your neighborhood drug store will have quite a few items that you may use. They really are ineffective as you most likely realize already.

Natural Treatment method

Eliminating moles on your body your self is doable and it can be accomplished with safe techniques. Today lots of individuals are making use of natural remedies. Carrying this out this in your house is much more handy , private, and less expensive.

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